Resistance Bands Set


Level up with your legs and booty training! Order this set and receive three different colors of resistance bands (light, medium & heavy) with a matching bag. With these bands you can work out at home, on holiday or in the gym and let your legs and buttocks burn!

  • 3 resistance bands, light (Aqua), medium (Grey) and heavy (Black), including mesh bag.
  • Cotton, with anti-slip
  • For maximum activation of the muscles in the legs and buttocks
  • For at home, on vacation and in the gym 
  • Exclusive shipping costs (€ 4.50 NL)

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Use these bands for maximum booty activation! I previously used the plastic resistance bands, but they usually curl up and move during the workout. That’s why I tought it was time to buy some good ones, and share these with you too. These cotton resistance bands have anti-slip rings included on the inside, so that the bands stay in place during the exercise.

The three resistance bands are supplied as one set. The aqua is for light resistance, the grey for medium resistance and the black one for heavy resistance. The bands come with a mesh bag, so that you can easily carry and store them. You can do different exercises with it.

Because of the resistance of the bands, you can do an effective workout at home, outside, in the gym or on vacation. You can use them during your warm-up and / or cool-down or you can wear the band during squats or hip trusts, so that the glutes are fully activated. Try it and you will know what I mean!





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