Ramona Mariska

About me

Hi you! Nice to meet you!

A few years ago I started to make a change. I was working a lot behind a computer all day, and didn’t do much physical excersise. At one point I was weighing 84kg and I was not feeling comfortable with my body.

I started going to the gym because the gym is flexible, you can do a training anytime, anywhere. I started with a Personal Trainer, because I wanted to have an effective and efficient training. Also, I was interested to know why I needed to do certain excersises and what the benefit of those excersises are. I wanted to train with good form too, to prevent injury, but also so that the excersise targets the exact muscles I want to target. Up to now I lost 15kg.

At the beginning of the first lockdown in the Netherlands I started my IG account. Partly to motivate myself, and partly to motivate others and bring some positivity into the world.

I hope you guys like my website. Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions or suggestions.

Maintaining a fit body and a healthy mind

A busy life

I know what its means to have a busy life whereby you still try to fit in a workout in between obligations. I also know that its not as simple as “just set priorities”, because you also have other responsibilities. That is why it is of importance to set realistic goals.

Personal Trainer / Coach

I am not a PT or a coach. However, I have learned quite a lot in my years of fitness. On this website I am sharing my experiences with you. On more technical things, I always work together with knowledgable people with the proper education and experience.

Do what you love

If you do what you love, you are more likely to succeed. Also you will probably get more energy from doing it. Whether it is fitness or something else. I did many things up to now, among others; ballroom dancing, synchronized swimming, fitness, and my latest interest kickboxing. It is never too late to start doing something you like doing.


ONE RM is the brandname I started. The RM stands for Repetition Maximum in the fitnessworld and for Ramona Mariska. I was missing some items for my fitness training, and tried some things out. I really liked the resistance bands and headbands, and here we are, I’m now able to share them with you too.

I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands! I love this city, as it is fibrant and cosy at the same time. Best to visit in the summer!

Yes, I use Orange Fit protein powder and multivitamines

Gymshark & Womens Best

5 to 6 times a week. I take a rest if and when my body needs it.


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