How the FatSecret app helps you achieve your goal!

I just want to note upfront that I do not have any affiliation with the Fatsecret app. I use the app myself, and I thought it should be helpful for you as well 😀

When you have calculated your macros in the macro calculator, you will get 4 variables in your result:

  1. Calories (ckal)
  2. Carbohydrates (carbs)
  3. Protein
  4. Fat

In the Fatsecret App you can insert these 4 variables. The app then memorizes your macro needs and sets your daily target goals.

Then, instert everything you eat in a day in the app. And with everything, I mean really everything. I hear many people asking why they dont lose weight because they are sticking to their calculated calories. However, if you then look closely, people forget to include the olive oil they bake their food in (about 100 kcal per spoon!) or the glass of wine they drink, the cola zero (1 ckal) or the herbs they use. All in all, and especially if you are on a ckal deficit, those items can push you over the maintenance threshold. So include everything you eat or drink, to get a reliable outcome.

The app looks like this: (sorry, its in Dutch on my phone, and I couldn’t change it to English for the picture). But you get the idea.

  1. The first picture is an overview of the macros I ate in that day. You can see in the right column what my goals are in percentages, and in the left column what I actually ate. As you can see, the % fat and protein are red, meaning I ate too much of those.
  2. The second picture is the daily log overview. Here you can include everything you ate. The app has this great database, so if you ate a tomato, it will include automatically how many ckal, carbs, fat and protein it contains. Easy peasy!
  3. The third picture is a picture of the amount of kcal you have consumed that day, set off against your target kcal. As you can see, I ate 1771 kcal that day, and my target was 1800. 
Fatsecret Macros
Fatsecret daily food

When you first start the fat loss process, you have calculated your required macros, you have downloaded and set up the fatsecret app, then just maintain it for 2 weeks. Doesnt matter if what your eating is good or not, include it in the app and have an evaluation moment after the 2 weeks.

Doing an evaluation helps on many levels. It gets you to realise what your routines are, and what you should change to achieve your goal. Also important is that the changes need to be realistic. I do not recommend any crash diets. Slow is better. I will write another blog on ckal deficits, and how you should do that best.

I can already hear you think: “Oh noooo, I’m not going to keep track of all my food forever!” yeah, I can imagine that, and the good news is: you don’t have to! After a while, you will know how much ckal are in food approximately. For instance, my breakfast is around 340 kcal. You can just live life without having to monitor everything, you will create awareness in yourself.

I would also like to note that it can be a challege at first, but just stick to the plan, trust the process, it works.