Headbands Blue, Aqua & Pink


Does your hair get in the way when you train? Then this tried and tested set of 3 colors headbands is for you. I found that most headbands slide off during training (but maybe its because of the shape of my head).  These headbands have an anti-slip feature which keeps the band in place.

  • Anti-slip feature
  • 41 cm long, 1 cm wide
  • Blue, Aqua & Pink

Train effectively and in style!

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I TESTED THEM: I tested them out: After my morning shower, I tied my hair in a ponytail and put on the headband at 09:00. I did a fitness training at 14:00 and a kick-box training at 17:00. The headband didn’t move and I also didn’t get any headache. So, I ordered some more and hope they will help you too!

COOL Colors: I ordered 6 cool colors which can be easily combined with your outfit. This package contains the Blue, Aqua and Pink colors.


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